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Terms & Conditions

SHEAR FORCE DRAFTING & CONSULTING is a drafting company. We are not licensed architects, electrical or structural engineers, etc. We do not claim, implicitly or explicitly to possess any such licenses or certifications. While we do work to meet standards of applicable California residential codes, the project/ provided drawings are the sole responsibility of the client/owner. Submittal plans are provided for permitting purposes only. Any field changes/discrepancies found on site will be the sole responsibility of the owner/client. Ultimately, it is the owner/client’s responsibility to review any provided plans for correctness, compliance, dimension accuracy, and requested changes/elements. Building/Planning department comments and changes will be handled by SHEAR FORCE DRAFTING & CONSULTING at the owner/client’s request, until approval for the current submittal is achieved (per contract language). Any changes requested after the first plan approval will be billed by the hour at SHEAR FORCE DRAFTING & CONSULTING discretion (per contract language)..


*Turnaround Time Disclaimer: Turnaround time estimates are based on previous average project completion times. Additional changes or unforeseen difficulties can affect these estimates

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