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Professional Background

Prior to starting Shear Force Drafting and Consulting, my construction experience began in 1980 joining the Carpenters Union and completing a four-apprenticeship program in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the first 10 years of my career, I made certain that I gained the skills needed in the construction on projects such as Airports, Highrise’s, Bridges, Hospitals and all phases of large tract residential construction.

In 1990, I started Sweeney Builders License # 630896 (no longer active) as I General Building Contractor, initially providing remodel, room additions and new home construction to the public within the San Francisco Bay Area, Ca.

In 1992, Sweeney Builder's business focus was re-directed from serving the public, to becoming a sub-contractor for large publicly traded home builders, Sweeney Builder's was awarded contracts for the installation for all the doors, windows, and the exterior-siding for hundreds of homes.

In 1996, fascinated with proliferation of information technology, I wanted to learn more and earned an Associate Degree in Network Engineering. I participated in this rapidly expanding industry taking on lead roles in Networking Engineering, and Software Development Testing. Gaining valuable skills in the management of mission critical networks that thousands of network users depended on, in addition I led, and trained a team of Quality Assurance Engineers, were I learned how all computer applications should be developed right up until the crash of the early 2000s that resulted in mass layoffs in the industry.

In 2003 frustrated, with the lack of meaningful and challenging opportunities available in the Information Technology Industry at the time, I moved up to Grass Valley Ca and started up Sweeney Builders again with an emphasis on design build and construction management for residential investors and homeowners. Providing services such as, project scheduling and creation, scope of work controls, Estimating & budget monitoring, and finally Design & Drafting of permit ready construction documents.


In 2012 because of the great recession of 2008, the construction business opportunities evaporated in Grass Valley, Ca including the Sacramento area, so I elected to close down Sweeney Builders, and re-joined the Carpenters Union in the San Francisco Bay Area, employed by a large Commercial General Contractor in a management and quality assurance role. Providing supervision on large Tenant Improvement Projects for Healthcare, Science, Technology and Education Clients.

Today semi-retired, I am devoting my time to delivering permit ready construction documents for my clients and completing my degree in Civil Engineering.

I look forward to working with you, the client, to produce your concept on paper and then seeing the home come to life in 3D!  

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